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AEIS, Primary, Secondary, Olympiad

We are providing from Primary 3 to Junior College tuition, Olympiad preparation AND AEIS for international students through Online.

We teach with heart of parents

Regstered Mensa Singapore Member

Selected Gifted Education Programme (GEP)

Edusave Character Awards (ECHA)

Gold Award, Singapore Mathematics Kangaroo Contest

Admission offered by Raffles Institution, ACS Independent, NUS High School

PSLE 265 score

Enrolled at NUS High School with Full Scholarship

Silver Award, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior Section)

Biology, the best result at school

Best in English Language at school

Selected NSC team 2020

- James Huang (15), Model of KII Singapore Centre



In our globalized world knowing more than one language is a necessity, which cannot be taken lightly. Although many recognize this, learning a new language is not an easy task, requiring a lot of commitment and effort. 

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Primary School


Our programme is tailored to match the needs of primary school students who struggle to improve their language skills but also those who wish to perform better and learn new studying techniques. We incorporate the latest MOE syllabus but also use techniques, which proved to be very successful in Korea. 

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Secondary School


Our teachers aim to utilize the knowledge the students gained at school correcting potential mistakes and improving overall standing. A big emphasis is given to the exam preparation, conversation, and writing. We understand the importance of all of them henceforth our programmes are tailored to develop those skills equally.

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AEIS exam is for international students who want to enroll in government primary and secondary schools in Singapore.  The exam consists of English and Mathematics.

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